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Fundación Valles is committed to vertically integrating agricultural production chains and creating added value. It is within this framework that the Rural Business Development Program (DER per the Spanish acronym) directs its efforts, so that agricultural undertakings with a business focus can improve their productive, financial, economic, administrative and commercial management abilities.

DER is designed to strengthen rural businesses so that they stand out for the quality of their products and achieve high levels of competitiveness. The Program provides technical assistance, training, infrastructure and production equipment services. During its 4 years of existing, DER has served 31 businesses that work with 15 agricultural production chains.

Besides directly serving rural businesses, the Program has a Business Development Service aspect wherein three versions of CASDER (Diplomate in Business Development Service Training, per the Spanish acronym) were implemented under a contract with UPB (Bolivian Private University, per the Spanish acronym) with 275 graduates. A total of 192 enrolled in the fourth version of CASDER, and the virtual version, to be started in 2011, had 280 applicants, of whom 60 were chosen.

In its current phase, the program is implemented as part of ASAP (Support to the Agricultural and Production Sector, per the Spanish acronym), financed by the Royal Danish Embassy (ERD). Currently it also has support from COSUDE, the Swiss Cooperation and Development Agency.