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All Fundación Valles efforts are aimed at achieving fundamental changes in the productive bases of the families being assisted. This translates into economic benefits and poverty reduction. This is a contrast with promoting poverty through mitigating actions that imply quick fix measures that may be urgent or necessary at times, but they do not involve structural changes.

This mission will be accomplished by means of technological innovation in agricultural production chains with programmed focus, responsible management of natural resources, and generating or strengthening agricultural commerce that is inclusive, sustainable and competitive, directed by market demand.

Fundación Valles interventions can be done at any link of the prioritized agricultural production chains, whenever it will achieve an increase in income for the families that participate directly in agricultural production. Therefore, contracts based on the achievement of results will be signed with institutions that offer services or with beneficiary organizations.

The projects will be oriented towards the introduction, validation, adaptation and application of technologies that have been proven in similar situations in this country or in another country. The technologies should be low cost and adequate for the socioeconomic conditions of the beneficiaries and the agricultural zones of intervention, with the goal of generating a greater impact when they are applied and adopted.

By appropriating the practices that are introduced it will be possible to promote sustainability for the agribusinesses receiving the assistance. These practices will also promote the sustainability of the project financing system for those participants who have the opportunity to receive the interventions.